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Dear Stakeholder,

Thank you for visiting our site. We appreciate your continued interest in the advances in science and in our company. Our company was founded in 2011 with the simple hope of saving clients money, doing good work, and to help out where we can. Since then, our companies have helped parents save money on cord blood banking that at one point they thought they couldn't afford. We have discounted our cancer storage rates knowing how expensive life saving treatments are. We have volunteered in the communities, worked hand in hand to help where ever we can.

While we have done a lot, there is still much more to do. We have expanded from a couple of offerings and a couple of people around the office to a robust company full of individuals dedicated to your success and to the advancements in science. Please take a look around and see what all we have to offer. I think you will find a number of solutions that perhaps you didn't know were possible. If you think of something we don't currently offer, reach out to us! We are always looking into new things and chances are if you are thinking about it so are others so please don't hesitate to reach out.


Michael A. Byers
President, CEO and Founder - Cryopoint