Cryopoint Fertility

Ensuring a Fertile Future

Your Trusted Fertility Storage Partner

Why Store?

In the United States, 12% of the entire population requires fertility services to have a baby. While 50% of couples in active fertility treatments require long-term storage of extra samples

Industry Low Price

At Cryopoint Fertility, we can assure the lowest price in the industry for both short and long-term storage. 

Simple Process

Our easy 6 step process will ensure your  samples will be accounted for at all times. Throughout the entire process, you will be in contact with  a Cryopoint team member that will help any questions or concerns.

Who Considers Fertility Preservation?

Individuals concerned about fertility in the future, clients in high risk professions: police officers, firefighters, active military personnel, cancer patients, etc.


Since every customer is in a different situation, we strive to find a plan for you. We can provide the greatest value for your individual needs in the industry. 

Unmatched Service

We know that each customer is a unique and we strive to tailor our services to meet each individual need. Our staff takes pride in ensuring you have a smooth, worry-free experience when storing your priceless samples.

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