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Dental Stem Cell Banking

Dental Stem Cell Banking


Dental Stem Cell Banking is a simple and noninvasive method of preparing for medical advancements of the future. There are many reasons why teeth are a valuable source of stem cells for banking. It is easy for dental professionals to extract wisdom teeth and baby teeth before they fall out. These are the two main types of teeth that are being banked. The dental pulp in your child's baby and wisdom teeth is an excellent source of mesenchymal stem cells.

There has been over 2,000 clinical trials or studies using mesenchymal stem cells in regenerative medicine. Mesenchymal stem cells are currently being used in applications such as metabolic disorders, gum disease, cardiovascular disease and bone/cartilage repairs.

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Tooth Bank allows children and adults alike to store their dental stem cells. Inside of each tooth and especially in wisdom teeth are mesenchymal stem cells that have the power to differentiate into other cells such as muscle, bone, cartilage etc. Our laboratory processing methods allow us to offer the same quality at a fraction of the price of other companies.

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Dental Stem Cells unlike the cells from cord blood can be multiplied many times over for a number of applications. Tooth Bank allows clients to store up to four teeth for the same price and offers its multiplication services when needed for no charge.  There are new advances in science every day and many of the breakthroughs are using the same cells found in Dental Stem Cells.

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