Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Michael Byers

Michael A. Byers

President, CEO, and Founder

Michael A. Byers is the President, CEO and Founder of Cryopoint Fertility Group. Before Cryopoint Fertility Group he founded its’ parent company Cryopoint ( which he also serves as the President, CEO and Managing Member.  Mr. Byers also serves as the CEO and Founder of Tooth Bank, LLC (, an industry-leading dental stem cell banking company and Cryocyte, LLC (,  a leading private umbilical cord blood bank.



Rebecca Plasmeier

Rebecca Plasmeier BSc, MLT (ASCP)

Director, Quality and Regulatory

Rebecca Plasmeier is the Director of Quality and Regulatory at Cryopoint LLC. Prior to joining Cryopoint, Rebecca was the Lead Laboratory Technologist and Supervisor at the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank in Missouri. She oversaw all operations, from collection to distribution of stem cell products and the implementation for FDA licensure.  A 25 year industry veteran, she is certified MLT by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists, and a member of the AABB, AATB and ISCT.



Rick Cohn

Rick Cohn

VP of Sales & Marketing

Rick Cohn is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cryopoint, LLC. Mr. Cohn brings 30+ years of sales and marketing healthcare experience, in particular with private cord blood and tissue banking. Prior to joining Cryopoint, Rick was the Director of Operations and Marketing for a private cord blood bank, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Cohn’s focus on customer service has led to an extremely high customer satisfaction rate.


Michael J. Bauer, MD, FACP, CTBS

Medical & Laboratory Director

Dr. Michael Bauer serves as Head Medical Director and Laboratory Director for Cryopoint. Dr. Bauer is responsible for ensuring that all processes performed at Cryopoint meet acceptable medical standards and are in compliance with all appropriate legal and regulatory requirements. He has extensive medical research and academic experience, with a focus on pathology. Prior to joining Cryopoint, Dr. Bauer served as an infectious disease consultant providing services in the fields of eye, tissue and blood banking, laboratory development and quality assurance, along with medical direction on donor suitability for organ procurement organizations. Dr. Bauer received his Doctorate of Medicine from the Loma Linda School of Medicine and is well versed with AATB,AABB, CAP and EBAA Standards, FDA and CLIA Regulations.


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