Services + Pricing

Services + Pricing

Cryopoint offers storage for:

  • Embryos
  • Oocytes/Ovarian Tissue
  • Sperm

Cryopoint’s emphasis on keeping a simple, straightforward pricing structure allows us to provide storage of all tissues at the same rate. That structure is as follows, new prices effective as of 9-12-2023:

Time Period


Potentially Infectious

6 Months Recurring



1 Year Prepaid



3 Years Prepaid



5 Years Prepaid



Cryopoint Cancer Patient Program

In order to help to help those in need, we offer storage for $75 per year to give cancer patients a safe, affordable option for fertility preservation. An initial two-year commitment is required up front, after which the patient is billed on an annual basis. There is no additional paperwork necessary, and patients with this circumstance qualify directly through Cryopoint – not a third party.

Fertility clinics that are interested offering this service through Cryopoint are encouraged to contact us and begin the simple, straightforward process ( Let’s work together to provide the best situation possible for patients under these challenging circumstances.